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Russkiy Bazar (Russian Market)

Layout for shops and supermarkets is distinguished by its technique and approach. Accuracy of information, readability and bright design are very important. You need to stand out on the market, not forgetting about the main task to sell promotional goods.

Initially, the studio studied competitors in the market, identified the Target Audience, and developed the grid design of the newspaper pirsum. A good layout solves the issue of readability and capacity of advertising.

Monthly we issue a newspaper with new promotional applications of the Russky Bazar network. We change the layout background according to the seasons or holiday time.

In 2019, we developed a new logo. The task was to make a good combination of the Russian theme (Khokhloma) and the modern Arabic font. The logo 100% reflects the values of the company – quality products from around the world.

Design / Layout / Branding