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INT Restaurant

In the city of Vasilkov there is a pleasant place called INT Restaurant. Previously, it was an Intelligent restaurant. But the Head decided to change completely the mood of thisinstitution.

We organized a competition on the international website for naming. Among the huge number of options, the abbreviation “INT” was chosen. After that we offered logo options. The most unusual and competitive became the hand-drawn one. The designer drew the font and logo on a graphics tablet, which makes it as exclusively as possible.

The studio has developed a corporate identity for the full-fledged work of the restaurant. The package of developed layouts included: menu, bar card, sets, flyers, counters, business cards, banners for SMM, billboards, pillar, lightboxes.

With this client we are working on an ongoing basis for design and outsourced marketing. We regularly update the menu, develop seasonal offers and new banners.

Branding / Digital / Printing