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Gamardzhoba Genatsvale

This is a restaurant of quality Georgian cuisine. Currently this cuisine is in trend, but only here you can feel the atmosphere of Georgia in the interior and dishes. This is the place where khinkalis are the most delicious!

The logo was painted by an illustrator based on a portrait of their famous Georgian. An individual ornament was developed, the colors of which are repeated in the interior and advertising.

Their menu is a separate paragraph of this project description. Its development has been started before the restaurant opening, but we still often make some adjustments. The menu design is made with photographs of dishes, it is very beautiful despite it’s quitedifficult. When changes in dishes or assortment are available, we make changes to the menu by taking new photos. Each U-turn is a separate composition. The photo shoot must be attended by marketer, stylist, photographer, chef. To print these pictures, we trust only to our printing house.

Of course, for the full-fledged operation of the restaurant you need some more branding details, such as signboard, business cards, flyers, a pillar, sets, settlement folders, design of social networks. Our team has prepared the restaurant for the opening and leads marketing on an ongoing basis.

Branding / Digital / Photography / Printing