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Forrest Club

This restaurant was created from scratch. Huge work has been done before the opening, such as premises repairing, lake cleansing on the territory, natural wood utensils manufacturing, sewing uniforms for staff and other details that make up a good restaurant.

As of now it is a large and respectable institution. Many people know this place as a pleasant place for resting near the forest with gourmet cuisine and excellent service. We have been accompanying this brand since the establishment.

A logo with a brand book was created for the restaurant. The design of the menu and all the necessary printing materials for work has been developed, such as: business cards, sets, posters, flyers, menus, folders for menus, counters, wooden numbers in a wardrobe,etc. The restaurant has its own “shop” with pastries and tinctures. We draw labels and packaging for it.

Branding / Digital / Printing