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Bistro Pekaria

Bistro Pekaria is a huge rebranding project. As of now it is already a chain of restaurants. The plan was to create a new brand for delicious restaurants chain with its own bakerywith emphasis on baking and European cuisine.

We created a logo, picked up fonts and made a lot of experiments with the menu. Asestablishments are located not in the cities, great emphasis was made on dishes photography for outdoor advertising. Scenes for billboards are still changing regularly. We pamper visitors with seasonal offers and menu from Chef.

Each photo session is thought out to the smallest detail. There is a directorial plan and the subject of food filming. Directly at the shooting there was a team of a marketer, stylist, photographer. Photos are processed and mounted in our studio, after that we preparedposter layouts.

Branding / Digital / SMM / Photography / Printing