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Tear the fruits of business NOW

I know where to start a restaurant business and how to implement a cost-effective advertising campaign.

Have always been inspired by nature, natural colors, textures. In childhood I was interested in photography. That was my first contact with digital art. With great pleasure I began to study photography and, as a result, work with it. Graphic programs gave me anopportunity to draw and create harmony in the composition – to visualize my World.

The next step of my inner artist growth was the work as a graphic designer. Of course, my projects were diverse and not always exciting. Doors of art are opening thanks tocontinuing experience and desire for self-development. Yes, for me advertising is a contemporary art.

With ardent inspiration, I am following the changes of vectors in the graphic, shades andfont trends. I am fond of lettering and sketching.

My work in marketing and hobbies completely led me to HoReCa. This is the direction that allows me to show creativity, to work with a team of like-minded people, not to be afraid of bright decisions. Marketing for restaurants and bars is one of the most “high-profile”. Restaurateurs love to take part in creative processes themselves. It is not always easy, but it is always interesting!

Currently I am expanding my team of designers in different areas. We create a brand from scratch, do identity, conduct branding of restaurants, help to open an institution and promote it on the market. We draw stylish menus and do food photography. We cooperatewith leading printing houses in Kyiv.

Lightworks is an outsourced brand management with guarantees.


Let’s take this to the next level and make your brand look awesome